Lower Manhattan (Exploding Clouds)

Midtown Manhattan (Exploding Clouds Two)

Near Leknes in The Lofoten Islands

Three AM in Ilulissat Greenland

Two Fifteen AM in Disko Bay, Greenland

Moon Rise at 2AM in Disko Bay, Greenland

Reine Norway in The Lofoten Islands

Sun Rise In Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Blue Hour in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Lofoten Islands (Aurora Evening)

Lofoten Island In Norway (Before Sunset)

Napp Norway (In the Lofoten Islands)

Almost Midnight in (Ilulisaat, Greenland

Iceland (Midnight Sunset)

Iceland (Kirkjufell Mountain Morning)

Amagansett (On the Rocks)

Mexico (Dusk On The Rocks)

Mexico (Morning on the Rocks)

Lower Manhattan (Morning Fog)

Metallic Morning in Chicago

The Lofoten Islands (Home on the Reine)

Manhattan (Five Thirty in the Morning)

New York’s Metropolitan Museum

Blue Hour in Lower Manhattan

Purple Skies in Barcelona

Swans in Prague

Sun Setting in Djupalon Iceland

Djupalon Iceland (Sun Setting Two)

South Africa (Joshua Tree Green)

Vietnam (Rubber Tree Plantation)

Autumn Sunset in Baltimore

Amsterdam (Amstel Hotel)

Dawn in Paris (The Left Bank)

Chicago Sunrise (The Chicago River)

Main Street USA, Torrington, Ct

Chicago (Sunrise Reflecting)

Mexico (Swimming Pool Morning)

Sunrise in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

More Emerald Rocks in Mexico

Red Rocks in Norway (The Lofoten Islands)

UttaKliev Beach In Lofoten Norway

Midnight in Disko Bay Greenland

One AM Sunset (Ilulisaat, Greenland)

Midnight Sunset (Disko Bay Greenland)

Lone Fisherman in Vietnam

Landscapes / Cityscapes (Here and There)

Landscapes and CityScapes from around the globe, including parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Many of these shots are long exposures ranging from 30 second exposures up to 4 minute exposures.