Kolugljüfur Waterfall (Iceland)

Snaefellness Peninsula (Abandoned Abode)

Kirkjufells (Late Morning Moment)

Kirkjufells (Almost Midnight)

Kirkjufells (Midnight Sunset)

Djupalon (Purple Sunset)

Vik (Sunrise Before the Storm)

Gjojür (Almost Midnight)

Snaefellness Peninsula (Lava Field)

Snaefellness Peninsula (JW Turner Like)

North Fjords (Lupines)

Hrvitsekur (Midnight Sunset)

Hrvitsekur (Another Midnight Sunset)

Myvatn (After Midnight)

Myvatn (1 AM Sunset)

Myvatn (Two AM)

Myvatn (After Midnight Again)

Myvatn (Serene at 1:30 AM)

Myvatn (Hotel Boat)

Hofn (Afternoon Reflection)

Kirkjufell (Midnight Sunset Too)

Kirkjufell (Waterfall Sunset) at Midnight

Vestarhorn (Silhouette Horse Ride)

North Fjords (Blondes Have More Fun)

Southern Coast (Crooked Smile)

Rangarping Waterfalls

Skfatatell (Northern Lights)

My Excellent Iceland Adventures

A variety of long exposure photographs from Iceland, including The Snaefellness Peninsula in the west, summertime sunsets in the North Fjords, including Djupavik, a sleepy hamlet where 2 full time residents live year round with 5,000 sheep and one hotel, Gjojür, Hvitsekur and Myvatn, where it never gets dark 10 miles south of the Arctic Circle, plus more iconic locations in the South; Hofn, Vestrahorn, Vik and Djupalon,